Forensic Services

The field of forensic auditing combines in it activities of increasing the awareness, preventing embezzlements and frauds, detecting and identifying embezzlements and frauds, and investigating cases of embezzlements and frauds.

The increasement of the awareness to the risks of embezzlements and frauds and to the activities of preventing them is based on the concept of the fraud triangle (an excuse, pressure and opportunity), and these activities include an analysis and risk assessment combined with risk scenarios that are adjusted to the nature of the client’s activity, as well as an analysis of the area of the supervision and the business and financial information systems.

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Advanced auditing

The detection, identification and investigating of cases of embezzlement and fraud include the use of advanced auditing techniques and the use of analytical tools that allow to efficiently detect financial frauds, operational and logistic frauds, and computer frauds. The forensic audit is adjusted to the nature and needs of the client, and it includes a complexity of sectors- such as manufactural companies, financial institutions, governmental institutions and companies, local authorities and etc.

Our office works together with leading consultation and technology companies throughout the world, as well as with leading law firms in Israel and worldwide. We use advanced analytical tools and digital forensic tools.

Accounting Inquiries

  • The Company’s consultants bring with them a unique experience in conducting forensic audits, which combines accounting investigative tactics and advanced research tools that serve for identifying and quantifying embezzlement or fraud cases.
  • The forensic auditing activity includes an examination and analysis of the work procedures, audit activities, mechanical procedures and information systems, which are designated for identifying failures and formalizing recommendations for avoiding similar cases of damage in the future.

Embezzlements and Frauds

  • Our Company conducts surveys about the exposure to embezzlements and frauds while implementing the scenario approach and conducting an examination as to the exposures in work procedures and in supervision activities.
  • The formalization, implementation and assimilation of plans for the prevention of embezzlements and frauds.
  • The implementation and assimilation of risk scenarios and monitoring and warning mechanisms in financial information systems, which are based on comparative researches from embezzlement cases in Israel and around the world.
  • The conduction of tests in business transactions.
  • The accompaniment of work teams and supervision forums, which include supervision functions, internal auditing, human resources, security and funds.

An Expert Opinion

  • C.P.A (Jurist) Eyal Ben Avi and his managerial team have been dealing in the recent years in the provision of expert opinions in the areas of insolvency procedures, mergers and acquisitions, business disputes and in complicated legal procedures to leading law firms in Israel and worldwide.
  • Our Company’s content experts also individually provide financial and accounting opinions, and they serve as experts on behalf of the courts for the detection of accounting and financial irregularities and for the assessment and quantification of the damages from embezzlements and frauds.

Digital Inquiries

  • The activity of forensic auditing includes activities that are within the field of digital forensics, which uses advanced technological tools for the gathering and investigation of data from different sources- computers, cellular devices, servers, e-mails, drivers, navigation devices, cloud accounts, the social media and etc.
  • As a supplementary stage we conduct a procedure of eDiscovery in order to efficiently and effectively handle the digital evidence and in order to provide accessibility to the findings in the best and accurate manner.