Our Team

Eyal Ben-Avi, CPA Founder & Managing Partner
Eyal Ben Avi (CPA), brings over 20 years of experience in accompanying and advising supervisory authorities, financial institutions and leading public companies and continuous work with international bodies in a long line of projects around the world.

Eyal Ben Avi brings proven and extensive experience Value in the areas of risk management, strategic business consulting, internal audit and control, investigative audit, compliance and financial crime prevention.

Ben Avi is considered a leader in the fields of local and international financial regulation and a renowned expert in the fields of risk management. CPA personally accompanies many of the risk managers and compliance officers in the leading financial bodies in Israel. CPA Ben Avi has in recent years led leading investigations and established the Forensics Digital Forensic Laboratory which has served leading law firms in the world.

For more than a decade, CPA Ben Avi has led the Risk Management, Regulation and Forensics Group at the global consulting firm PwC and previously served in senior positions in the areas of internal audit, risk management and investigative auditing at leading companies in Israel.

CPA Ben Avi serves as Chief Internal Auditor of Companies, Member of the Board of the Association of Chief Internal Auditors in Israel, Member of the Forum for Investigative Audit And a friend In the Committee for the Promotion of CPAs in the Banking Sector At the Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Permanent lecturer in academic settings and has published a long list of articles in the areas of compliance and regulation, risk management, investigative audit, internal audit and information systems.

He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and accounting, an MBA in business administration and a master's degree in law (LLM). Ben Avi is a Certified Public Accountant.

The Leading Team

Our management team and content experts bring extensive experience in assisting financial entities and businesses, organizations and authorities in hundreds of projects in Israel and around the world. We believe that in order to create true added value for our clients we must combine a wide range of capabilities, opinions and academic backgrounds – accountants, lawyers, economists, information systems, industry and management and data experts. The company’s content experts have in recent years led projects in more than 20 countries in Europe, America, the Far East and Asia and collaborated with leading companies and law firms in the world. The depth of the capabilities, and the breadth of experience allows us to provide personal and professional advice.

Liad Tetz Freder, Adv
Liad Tetz Freder, Adv Director of Compliance and Regulation
Adv. Tatz-Ferder is head of compliance and regulation in EBA & Co. In this capacity, Adv. Tatz-Ferder accompanies the leading financial institutes in Israel in adopting compliance risk management framework, including implementation of compliance processes, conducting compliance surveys and formulating policies, procedures and control processes in various areas, such as money laundering and terrorist financing, securities enforcement, business fairness, Antitrust and more.

Prior to joining EBA & Co., Adv. Tatz-Ferder, served as a senior advisor in the field of compliance and regulation at the global consulting firm PwC Israel.

LL.M. (Business Law), UC Berkeley School of Law, University of California, Berkeley, California, U.S.A, LL.M. (Business Law), Accelerated Program for Outstanding Students, Radzyner School of Law, The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel, LL.B./B.A. in Government (joint degree), Magna cum Laude, Radzyner School of Law and Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel
Or Toledano, CPA
Or Toledano, CPA Director of Internal Audit
CPA Toledano is Head of Internal Audit Department in EBA & Co. In this capacity ,Or accompanies the leading financial institutes, private & stock exchange companies in Israel helping them to implement operational risk surveys, work procedures, embezzlement and fraud surveys, Drafting a multi-year work plan, examines compliance regulatory requirements and more.

Prior to joining EBA & Co., CPA. Or Toledano worked at the internal audit department at Fahn Kanne & Co. Israel.

CPA Or Toledano has a bachelor's degree in business administration from Ono academic college.
Oren Gabbay, Adv
Oren Gabbay, Adv Director of Anti-Financial Crime
Highly qualified criminal defense attorney with over a decade of experience in financial crime enforcement , governance & compliance.

Former high-ranking officer at the Israeli National Fraud Investigation Unit - Lahav 433 (Israeli equivalent to the F.B.I)

Currently serving as the Investigative Audit & Financial Crime department Manager at EBA & co.

Specializing in managing and conducting special inquiries and internal audits for high profile & international clients concerning corruption, bribery, corporate fraud and money laundering.
Avi Kimhi
Avi Kimhi Director of Finance Risks
Avi is a Senior Consultant and leads the financial sector. His responsibility includes consulting for risk management, operational risk surveys, and internal audits in various banks and financial institutions' business activities. Avi has extensive experience in assessing market, credit, operational and technological risks in business fields. Before joining us, Avi served in several managerial positions at Union Bank of Israel. As part of his role, he was involved both on the front business side managing Forex Dealing Room at the bank and managing the Financial Controls Unit. And on the risk management side, in conducting operational risk surveys in all bank units, handling failure events, monitoring anomalies in the bank's business activity, and reducing the risks of embezzlement and fraud.

Avi has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management and a Master's degree in Finance and Accounting from Tel Aviv University